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Riserva R2059 Rifle sling
in leather/cordura

Adjustable rifle sling in cordura with non-slip backside in neoprene and brass buckle fastening.
€ 64,00

Riserva R2060 Rifle sling
in leather/loden with ammo holder

Adjustable rifle sling with leather and non-slip backside in neoprene, two multicalibre loops and brass buckle fastening.
€ 70,00

3M Peltor EEP-100 EU OR Hunting Electronic Earplugs

These Active Hearing Protection Earplugs with electronic function protect your hearing and ensure greater safety through improved perception and communication. The external microphones allow the perception of ambient noise and amplify it, while the hearing is protected by optimal soundproofing according to EN 352. At the same time, the sudden impulse noise is reduced to the maximum allowed by 82 dB. The supply includes the following parts:
2 orange EEP-100 electronic earplugs
1 transport box with charging function
1 pair of 3M PELTOR UltraFit Small plugs
1 pair of 3M PELTOR UltraFit Medium plugs
1 pair of 3M PELTOR UltraFit Large plugs
1 pair of 3M PELTOR Triple C plugs
1 pair of 3M PELTOR Torque plugs
15 pairs of microphone wind shields
1 lanyard
1 Instruction manual
1 x USB charging cable
€ 299,00

Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Shooting Muffs Kryptek Camo

PROTECT: Protect your hearing from damage due to loud noise
DESIGN: Features two omnidirectional microphones to assure that you don't miss anything and high definition speakers, to deliver crisp clear audio.
NOISE REDUCTION RATING: Delivering an impressive noise reduction rating (NRR) of 23dB, these are sure to protect your hearing, without interfering.
COMFORT: It features comfort fit headband with metal wire frame for all day shooting, with a slim and compact folding design that takes up less space.
AUDIO JACK: The electronic muff features a 3.5mm audio input jack for use with iPods, MP3 players and handheld radios.
€ 99,00


The new in-ear impulse hearing protection from RWS offers excellent noise suppression performance in a reusable high-end product. The patented impulse-filtering technology is certified for impulse noises of up to 166 dB and provides damping of up to 33 dB. As soon as there are no impulse noises, the earplugs muffle sound only minimally, making it possible to hear ambient noises.
The features of RWS hearing protection at a glance:
Harmful impulse noises reduced by up to 33 dB
Permanent damping of 15 dB* while talking or during no-shoot times (*damping under a CE certification condition)
Comes with an aluminum transport/storage case
No batteries required, no electronics
Delivered with 2 sets of ear pieces (sizes M and L)

€ 20,00

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